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Tuesday, 28 May 2013 @ 00:48 | 0 Sweety [s]

Assalamualaikum FRIENDS ~ :'D

Dah lama Fia tak update blog ni . . Baru hari ni Fia berkesempatan nak update . Semua sihat ? Alhamdulillah semuanya sihat-sihat belaka . Sebenarnya Fia ada satu cerita yang Fia nak ceritakan pada korang . . hmmmmm ~ i feel im really a bad person and i dont know why . . i have a person that he love me but im not ! then i lost him and i feel so shit :'( i realize that i cant be happy without him . . OHHH NO ! damn it :'/ i want he back ! and i promise i will change myself for loving him . . but i was very surprised when i know that he was happy with another girl without me . . HAHAHA :'D i just said alhamdulillah to Allah :') I thank all these trials willingly and sincerely from the heart . . I'M STRONG ! i know i can do it . . i know i can life without him ! and I'm sure I could find a better man than him , insyaAllah . . Allah always with me when i need :') i have HIAAAASS . . they have to make me always happy . . i can lost him but i cant lost them ! you should know that . . Boyfriend ? i can find anytime , but THE BEST FRIENDS can't find . . A good friends for make me always happy is so difficult to find . . only SEVEN in a MILLION ~ hehehe just joke :'D The best way , i will not accept any person in my life even i feel alone ~ actually im not alone ! i have my friends , i have my mother , i have my dad , i have my siblings and I HAVE ALLAH . . they are always there for make me happy . . I LOVE THEM ! :'* Sometimes i feel so sad , i feel alone , i feel lonely even with my friends :'/ but I did not want to think our guide was that all about . . i don't want to they know what i feel :') So I just keep it in the heart of a self ~ DEAR ****** ! At first , I'm gonna need you back , but when I get to know you've got a substitute, I've changed my mind :") but i'm still love you because you also have to make me happy . . but i can't accept you anymore for ever after :'* I CAN FIND THE BETTER PERSON THEN YOU ! can you hear that ?? hahaha :'D hope you will happy with her . . she is the better then me for you , she is perfect for you . . NOT LIKE ME ! SHIT RIGHT ? hahaha :') i think you can wait for me but im wrong ! i know its my fault :') InsyaAllah , God definitely there best to slave :') I will be patient and continue to be patient until the next best ! I'm always waiting for him :"*

I think up here just my story for today . . Thanks for spent the time to read my story :')
InsyaAllah Fia akan cerita lagi di hari dan waktu yang lain ~
Hope you guys enjoy ! ^^
Pray for my health :')
Thank you so much guys ! ;'/

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