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Saturday, 4 February 2012 @ 05:18 | 0 Sweety [s]

assalamualaikum...best nya hari ni sbb dapat mengayuh bersama yellowride di tasik permaisuri...rugi spe yg x join...ramai laki2 hensem kowt...drpd perak ad,,pahang ad,,kl ad,,selangor ad...bole la tekel sorang...hehehehehe...just joke...msok tv kowt..bangga je ak ni kan...hehehehe...td kan..nasib x de yg accident cause..ad kete kancil main kluar jee mse dorang tgah lmbe..nnti jd mcm yg kt berita kt putrajaya tu..smpi patah tulang...kesian dorang...nnti 20/2 ad yellowride lg kt putrajaya...jom join...hehehehe...ok bye..

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